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Gurwann Tran Van Gie is  hypnotherapist,  director and performer.  He lives and works in France between Île de Groix, Vannes and Paris.


Hypnosis and therapeutic practice

Certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis and RITMO  at l' A.R.C.H.E and psychopathology at the institute  Indigo. He practices support in  cabinet  and remotely by skype. He  collaborate  regularly  with specialized doctors and psychologists, in particular on eating disorders.

His travels have him  bring  to practice hypnosis and to accompany clients located  To  Montreal, New York, Los-Angeles,  Reykjavik,  Tokyo, Sydney or Christchurch.

He also invests himself  within the association Les Hypnos du cœur  for support  in  hypnosis of people in  distress. He continues his engagement with  the intervention group  Hypnosis action  in  emergency situations in  Paris area. The group intervened for a few sessions  with migrants on the Jean Quarré site, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. 

Desirous  to continue learning,  he  incorporates other practices  therapeutic and is formed  Family Constellations, EFT,  and the MIRTE Method.  Installed since 2018 on the island of Groix, his practice extends to shamanism in connection with nature and the elements. He organizes seminars and workshops in this sumptuous and powerful environment.


The realization and contemporary art


In 2009 he co-wrote and co-directed with Arthur Dreyfus  the short comedy program UN FILM SANS, the two seasons of which were  broadcast on Tps Star.

In 2011 on France 5, he made  reports for the cultural program Entrance free.  


In 2013, as curator, he initiated the exhibition N'habite plus à  the address indicated at the Chanot de Clamart art center, where  he invites singer Barbara Carlotti to  share the  flames. Twenty artists are present, including Bernard Faucon, Eva Nielsen, Thomas Lévy-Lasnes, Laurent Pernot or  Jose  Levy. For the exhibition, he directed his first experimental feature film De beaux souvenirs , une regression under Ericksonian hypnosis, a practice he carried out at the intersection of art and therapy.


In 2015 he is invited  To  produce a work for the 15th edition of the HORS PISTES festival at the Center Pompidou Paris. He realizes at  this occasion HONEST EXPERIENCE, a hypnotic film on the question of integrity  with actress Kate Moran, dancer Massimo Fusco, composer Alex June, and journalist writer  Blandine Rinkel. The film is followed by a collective hypnosis session with the audience. INTEGRATED EXPERIENCE has since been  presented  To  Istanbul, Kyoto, Tokyo, Rosario  and Reykjavik.


In  2016  the  collaboration with the  Center Pompidou continues, he presented NORTHERN EXPERIENCE, a film exploring artistic creation under hypnosis, shot during a residency  in Iceland, with the writer Thomas Clerc and the artist Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir.  

In 2018, he was invited by Arthur Nauzyciel for a Carte Blanche at the THÉÂTRE NATIONAL DE BRETAGNE in Rennes, where he designed TEMPETE SOLAIRE. In this intimate show, he transposes his art and science on stage, offering festival-goers an experience of collective hypnosis of  75 minutes, his voice guiding the viewer on an unconscious journey set to live music by the group Catastrophe. As the show is mainly based on synchronization with the energy provided by the audience, each performance takes on the character of a unique human adventure.

Radio and the media


On France Inter in 2011, in the program Chantons sous la nuit , he chronicles the artist who wins  not to be known,  a gallery of earthy characters.

Summer  2013 in the cultural magazine Je vous demande de sortir, he orchestrates messages from fantasized listeners in his column Le répondeur fantasmé de Gurwann.

Since the start of the 2013 school year, Le répondeur fantasmé de Gurwann  continues on a daily basis in the program Encore Heureux from Monday to Thursday at  5:50 p.m. alongside Arthur Dreyfus.

In the program Face B by Bertrand Burgalat and Cosmic Fantaisie by Barbara Carlotti, he appears for a few poetic happenings.

In 2017, he wrote the Transe-Portrait column in the fashion magazine Citizen K. An unprecedented proposition for an interview under hypnosis, striving to offer a personality a strong personal and existential experience, during a dive into his unconscious .

For the PLANETE + channel, he directed and embodied the documentary "Why do they hate us, we homosexuals?". Produced by Camera Subjective, the film is part of the "why do they hate us" series released in theaters and broadcast on Planète + and Mycanal. The critically acclaimed documentary is nominated for the Out d'or 2018.


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